Updates to Fastpass+

I am so frickin excited to be sharing this news!! While I have been a huge fan of FastPass+ in the past, there were always a few incredibly annoying things, having to chose three, having to go to a kiosk for additional ones in the park and especially dealing with multiple people in one party wanting some rides together and some separate. Here are all the awesome changes coming:
When does in start:

April 10, 2016, as in, NOW!!


  1. Your will now be able to choose individual FastPass+ experiences and times. You will no longer need to make all selections for the same day at the same time.
  2. You can now book between 1 and 3 selections. You no longer need to select all 3.
  3. Finally, once you m have used your first three FastPass+ selections, you will now be able to make an additional FastPass+ selection via the My Disney Experience mobile app, in addition to in-park kiosks. Once you’ve used the fourth, you will be able to select another, and another and another and… Well you get it.

Super exciting!! I can’t wait to start using this new system!

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