5 Best Steaks at Walt Disney World


Every restaurant at Walt Disney World seems to have a steak dish. It wasn’t always this way, I remember going when I was younger and you had many restaurants where if it didn’t fit the theme or cuisine, there was no steak. However, since the dining plan came along, I’ve noticed that the $30+ steak dinner is now popping up on almost, if not all menus. Not sure if it’s a desire to make people feel like they are getting a great deal on their dining plan or if it’s that they want a safe option for people who aren’t into adventurous food so that the others in their party who are can get to eat at different places. Either way, the steak is now a staple of almost every Walt Disney World restaurant. Not all these steaks are good. I know, I’ve had most of them. So, in an effort to share my gluttony experience with you all, here are my top 5.

California Grill 
Offering Wagu beef strip loin, beef filet or for the more adventurous, bison strip loin, you will have your pick of fantastic steaks at this beautiful restaurant set high above the Contemporary Resort. With an extensive wine menu you’re sure to find the perfect wine to compliment your steak and your palette. If you time the meal just right you can enjoy said steak and wine while watching Wishes with the audio piped in from the Magic Kingdom. Magical.

Monsieur Paul’s 
While they may be more famous for their truffle soup, the filet here is not to be missed. The mushroom crust is a beautiful umami rich accompaniment to the tender filet and the mashed potatoes will make you want to weep tears of buttery joy. This is one of the more refined steaks on property, which is really not surprising given that the restaurant is an homage to one of the best French chef’s of the last century.

Serving two options, a filet and a buffalo rib-eye, Jiko makes a fantastic steak with African flavors. The steaks are served with unique side dishes, such as Truffled Pap, a traditional African grain, and Jiko Slap chips, making this not your average steak dinner. They also have a long list of exclusively South African wines to complement your dinner. For those in your party who don’t like steak, the Garam Masala Scallops are a very unique and super tasty dish. Another bonus? Inspite of the fact that many people write about how awesome this restaurant is, most people still don’t seem to make it a priority on their trip. I can only assume it’s the combination of exotic African flavors and the remoteness of the resort, being out by Animal Kingdom and all. This means you can get a table after that magical 180 day ADR window and still enjoy one of the best steaks on property.

Le Cellier Steakhouse  
This filet steak has a serious following. So serious a following, it’s one of the harder tables to get at Walt Disney World. However, it’s worth getting up early 180 days before your trip for your ADR window to snag a table. The steak is cut with a fork tender, and pairs beautifully with the earthy mushroom favors of the risotto. I hear many people prefer potatoes to the risotto it’s currently served with, but I think that’s misguided. While the potatoes may be more “traditional” that risotto highlight the steak beautifully. This is a must have for any steak lover. Oh, and the cheddar soup is as good as advertised, get that too.

Yachtsman Steakhouse 
With steakhouse and yacht in the name you just know it’s gotta be good, and it is! For me, this is the best steak restaurant at Walt Disney World. When you walk in the first thing you see if a room full of aging beef. It’s like a temple of beefy, meaty goodness. Offering everything from wagyu beef to perfectly dry aged meats, the selection is out of this world. You can get pretty much any steak you’d like here and they will cook it to your specifications. I hate when I ask for a blue steak and get medium rare, this is not an issue here. On top of great steaks they have arguably the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. The best part, at least for me and my family, is that in-spite of having such a steak/beef centric menu, the other entrees are not lackluster. That means that my husband, the beef hater, can get the lamb or the scallops or the chicken and still have a great dinner.

Non-Disney/Honorable Mention: Capa
In spite of the fact that they are not a Disney World Resort, I must include Capa here because the steak is just that great. All their meats are actually. It’s not fancy sauces or crazy spices, just simple, awesome quality meat cooked to perfection. The fries are also awesome, like the best fries I’ve ever had. They even accept Tables in Wonderland now so that will make the bill a lot easier to swallow. A bottle of the excellent Spanish wine will also help dull the shock of the bill.

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