Recommended Quick Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

The sheer volume of restaurants at Walt Disney World is quite overwhelming to the uninitiated. There are tons of excellent recommendations online about Table Service restaurants but I don’t find as many lists for the quick service places. When you consider that most people are eating at least half their meals at the quick service restaurants that seems really odd, and frankly, unfair. So, since I’ve eaten at almost every restaurant at Walt Disney World, twice, I’ve gone ahead and set down on screen my favorite quick service restaurants by area.

Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest
Perhaps on the most popular restaurants on property, it is the only quick service restaurant that even accepts dining reservations. While it’s Table Service for Dinner, breakfast and lunch are quick service with reservations required. As a side note, the prices here make it one of the best deals when on the Disney Dining Plan. I’ve yet to have anything bad here as the food is uniformly awesome, oh and the grey stuff really is delicious.

Columbia Harbor House
Healthy options and quality ingredients are the appeal at this quick service restaurant. The lobster roll is particularly awesome as is the salmon plate. Come early or late to avoid the huge crowds which tend to flock here between 11:30am and 1:00pm

Pinocchio Village Haus
Want something more “junk foody” and “All American”? No worries, Pinocchio has your chicken tenders and pizza. This place is great for picky eaters who won’t touch a fish stick or will only eat fries and pizza. My favorite is sitting upstairs and watching the boats embark on their voyage through It’s a Small World.


Epcot is hard to limit to just a few, however, in the interest of you, the reader, I will do so.

Le Halle Boulangerie

Le Halle Boulangerie
It is so hard to find a good, french style sandwich. You know the kind, chewy baguette, filled with the perfect amount of meat and cheese. Not overflowing, not stingy, just perfect. They make those sandwiches here and they are indeed perfect. Not to mention all the awesome baked goods on offer. I know there are more popular quick service restaurants at Epcot but I just keep coming back to this one.

La Cantina De San Angel
Ok, let’s talk about guilty pleasure nachos. You know the ones I mean, the ones with melted, plastic, neon cheese. They have these here, and they are as horribly delicious as you would want them to be. They also have really solid tacos. If you can snag a table near the lagoon near the time of Illuminations you will have one of the best views of that show for a fraction of the cost of some of the illuminations packages.

Repeat after me, Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and Noodle Gratin. This is all you need to know. Oh wait, there’s also the awesome German beer. A seriously and I mean seriously overlooked quick service restaurant.

Tangierine Café
If you like Mediterranean food this is the place to go. The meals are of very high quality and the flavors are super fresh. My favorite is the shawarma lamb platter.

Sunshine Seasons
Think the only good food in Epcot is in World Showcase? Think again! With a wide menu featuring healthy, fresh options and Asian inspired flavors, this is one tasty quick service option for those who want to enjoy dining in future world.

Hollywood Studios

Backlot Express

Backlot Express
There is a real dearth of good restaurants at Hollywood Studios at the moment. The only one I really recommend is backlot express. It’s not awesome, but it does have some indoor seating, which is a must for me in the Florida heat. The Dark Side Chicken and Waffles is also just too hilarious a dish to not mention/get.

Animal Kingdom

Flame Tree BBQ

Harambe Market
As beautifully and thoughtfully themed as the rest of the park, this market concept is executed so well. You really do feel like you could be at a street marketing getting food from vendors. It’s hard to pick just one item I enjoy most, it’s really a toss up for me between the ribs and the chicken tikka masala.

Flame Tree BBQ
I’m actually not a huge BBQ fan, but I like this place a lot. The ribs are super tender and the chicken is so moist and juice. Sadly, it has the same problem as Harambe Market in that it’s outdoor seating only, but the food here, much like at Harambe Market, is worth sitting out in the heat. Unless it’s July/August, then nothing will be worth eating outside.

I actually come here for two reasons, neither or which is pizza. The first is the Caesar salad. It’s so yummy and I love that you need a knife and fork to eat it. The second is the air conditioning. What can I say, I do not do well in the heat. That said, the pizza is solid and I’ve enjoyed it on several occasions.

Disney Springs

D’Luxe Burger

Wolfgang Puck Express
Consistently high quality food which you’d find at a Table Service restaurant but at Quick Service prices. I prefer the one in the marketplace but both have equally high quality food. My favorite dish is the rotisserie chicken.

Blaze Fast Fired Pizza
This is one of the newer restaurants on offer as part of the Disney Springs redesign. Offering lighting fast artisanal pizzas customizable to your tastes. The decor is also super hip which makes this a bit more fun than your average quick service joint. The pizza is still not able to beat Via Napoli, but it’s second best on property.

D-Luxe Burger
Another newer offering in Disney Springs. D-Luxe burger brings the hipster burger craze to Disney Springs with unique offerings such as the El Diablo and Southern Classic burgers. Featuring unique toppings such as Chorizo and Pimento cheese, but also offering a good old bacon cheeseburger, everyone’s going home happy here. Don’t miss the red velvet burger macarons for dessert.

Earl of Sandwich
A lot of awesome restaurants have opened at Disney Springs, but the Earl of Sandwich still holds it’s place as one of the best. The Holiday Turkey sandwich has a cult following and while I personally prefer The Original 1762, there is not a bad sandwich amongst the lot.


Beef Stew
Contempo Cafe Beef Stew

Landscape of Flavors
Located at Art of Animation, this is one of the more diverse food courts on property. From Mongolian Grilled Fish to Create Your Own Pasta, there’s something for everyone here. My favorite is that they have a side of basmati rice. Maybe I’m weird but rice is my favorite carb and it’s not always easy to find good, simple, white rice at Walt Disney World.

Contempo Cafe
The selection and quality of items here are what make it a stand out. Also, the Pot Roast is amazing. I’d gladly pay double the price for it at a Table Service Restaurant. The portions are also large enough for two people to share one entree which makes this an exceptionally good deal.

The Mara
Super unique food with African flavors makes this quick service restaurant a real hidden gem amongst the quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World. The African Stew and Falafel Pita are two of my favorite meals on property.

Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory
Beignets and Po Boys. That’s what I come here for. The Jambalaya isn’t bad either, but the Shrimp Po’ Boy they serve at lunch is a huge fave. And when I say huge, I mean huge, this thing serves two people. That said, the undisputed champ here are the beignets. So fluffy, so airy, so addictive. They serve a beignet sundae, in case you wanted to taunt the gods with your gluttony.

So what do you think? Did I miss your favorite Quick Service restaurant? Tell me all about why it’s awesome in the comments.

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