7 Reasons to Celebrate NYE at Walt Disney World

#7 Tons of fancy special activities

If you like special parties and special meals, Disney has a ton of great options this time of year. Some of them can be rather pricey, such as the New Year’s Eve party at the California Grill which can set you back over $600 A HEAD. However, there are plenty of special menus and even a special event buffet at Epcot, which are far more reasonable.

#6 Less Family Obligations

Let’s be honest, how many of us can truly get away for Christmas at Walt Disney World without angering our extended family? I know that in order for me to be able to spend Christmas at Walt Disney World, I have to take grandmas and grandpas, and aunts and uncles too. That’s complicated. However, for New Years Even, I can celebrate the holidays just the three of us.

#5 School is still out

While it may not be Christmas anymore and family has all gone home, the kids are still out of school. This is great for two reasons; first, you don’t have to miss schools. Second, you have something fun to do with them. It also keeps the last week of Christmas break from turning into a LAN party at your house.

#4 Longer Park Hours

Seriously, the parks are open almost 24/7. Yes, it’s crowded, but do the Extra Magic Hours in the evening and you will seriously get to be in the park with NO ONE there toward the end. The trade off is it will be 2am, but that’s a time that I as a night owl am up anyway, so at least for me, it’s a plus!

#3 The Energy

I get a lot of questions about what the best time of year is, and what people usually mean is, when is it the least crowded. However, what people don’t usually understand is that, the most crowded times can also be awesome because the energy at that time of year is electric. If you’re someone who likes going to music festivals or who feeds off the energy of a place, this is the best time to go. It’s also a LOT less crowded than New York’s Time Square. Just saying.

#2 Extend the Holiday Celebrations

Disney keeps their Christmas decorations up through the holidays meaning, you can still see all the beautiful lights and Christmas decorations without having to give Santa a forwarding address. The hotels in particular go all out and the gingerbread houses are not to be missed.

And Finally….

#1 Perimeter Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

Hands down, without a doubt, these are the best fireworks you will ever experience. The Magic Kingdom overall is just a fantastic place to ring in the New Year. They get really slammed, but to combat this, they open up a back parking lot area. This sounds horrible, and like the last place you’d want to be, but this is Disney! They decorate it with special projections and photo ops. There’s also a DJ pumping live music and the park is open until 2 or 3am. But, the crowning glory, is the ungodly amount of fireworks that are shot up into the sky. These are what Disney calls Perimeter Fireworks. Which is a fancy way of saying, they are 360 Degrees of fireworks awesomeness. It is truly an awe inspiring experience and the best fireworks display that Walt Disney World does all year. If you are a fireworks fan, you must experience these at least once in your life.

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