Who am I?


HI!! My name is Emma and I like warm hugs. Actually, I like all hugs and I like Disney, A LOT! I have a daughter named Melody (after Melody Pond and the Little Mermaid II) and her hugs are probably my favorite. I also have a lovely husband named Tom who hated Disney before we got together and is now happy to, as he says, “chase the mouse” a few times a year. We are annual pass holders at Disney World and have been for the last few years. I admit I have been to Disney World over 100 times and in-spite of that, I still love going back over and over again. What can I say, I love it. I have also been to Aulani, Disneyland and did an Adventures by Disney (sadly no Mickey Mouse doesn’t travel with you, but it was still AMAZING!)

On top of the parks/vacations I also LOVE Disney Animated Movies/Doctor Who/Harry Potter and Sherlock (if the BBC ever gets around to making more…). At the moment we have The Princess and the Frog on endless loop at our house and it alternates with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My daughter has a serious love affair with these shows. Actually, that’s why I named my website what I did, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her absolute favorite and so I guess this site name is a nod to her very first fandom.


This blog is where I write about my passion/obsession/addiction.¬†Also, as a super organized *cough*OCD*cough* individual I’ve done way too much research to not share with others. So, write me if you have any questions or if you just wanna geek out about Disney/Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Sherlock. Thanks for reading!!

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