Best Overlooked Restaurants at Walt Disney World

There are many fantastic restaurants at Walt Disney World, there are also a lot of horrible ones. Knowing where to go to get great food isn’t always easy and the ones you do hear about book up 180 days ahead and you can’t book them anyway. So, where can you get a great meal, where others might not yet know how awesome it is? Here are my top 10 overlooked restaurants at Walt Disney World which are worth going to. In no real order mind you.

Animal Kingdom is way out there for most people. As such, this amazing gem is still relatively easy to get a table at in spite of having Savannah views and some of the best food on property. The bread service should have a larger cult following than it does and the tomato soup is the best I’ve ever had.

Captains Grill
Laid back joint at Yacht Club. There was never a problem getting a table and the food, especially breakfast, was consistently of higher quality than the other breakfast spots. They only breakfast that tops this is at the Wave which is also included in this list.

Incredibly diverse flavors ranging from the common scrambled egg to African stews, as well as a very large selection, makes this a great place for breakfast or dinner. There are no characters of the Disney variety, however some of the quirkiest and nicest staff I’ve met have been here. So I guess you could count it as a character breakfast… Either way, it’s an easier breakfast buffet to book. It is getting popular but no where near the popularity of Chef Mickey’s.

If you’re paying attention you will notice a trend by now, most of these restaurants so far are at Animal Kingdom. This is likely for two reasons; 1. The food is not as accessible on paper (not a lot of people have had African food) and 2. It’s far from the “action” of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. If these keep you from the other two options, I urge you to not let them keep you from Jiko. The food here is some of if not the best on property, the wine is unique and fantastic and the staff and ambiance is lovely. You can not ask for a nicer meal and the best part? You can get it without a 7am call to Disney Dining 180 days before your vacation.

Boatwrights Dining Hall
With traditional Louisiana cooking such as Jambalaya and Shrimp and Grits, this little restaurant is almost always an easy yet very satisfying table service meal. As a bonus, they serve food mentioned in The Princess and the Frog, so if you daughter is like mine and watching that movie on an endless loop, they will love sampling some of the dishes they heard Tiana talking about.

Portobello Country Italian Trattoria
Of all the restaurants in Disney Springs this one gets the least love but is actually a ton better than many of the others. The food is some of the better Italian on property and serves more diverse dishes than say, Mama Melrose or Trattoria al Forno.

Ravello (Four Seasons)
All of the Four Seasons restaurants are good and I feel for the most part overlooked. Still, this is the most overlooked and is actually a fantastic Italian restaurant. Obviously the service is impeccable (Four Seasons after all) and the surroundings could not be nicer. The food rivals that of any Italian restaurant I’ve had in the US and even a few in Italy itself. It’s also easy to get a table and I’ve even scored one on NYE week calling for day of reservations. Can’t say that about Via Napoli and that place is not even a tenth as delicious. They also do a Character Breakfast here on Thursdays and Saturdays which puts all the other Character Breakfasts to shame. It’s not on the dining plan though and I think that accounts for it’s lack of popularity. Still, a great choice if you’re paying out of pocket anyways.

The Wave
Finally there’s the wave. This is the big shocker for me. It is delicious, it is mid-range, one table credit, it is in the Contemporary which is not only a monorail ride away from Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but a walk away from Magic Kingdom and no one goes. I really can’t understand why. The food is amazing, the service is on par with the rest of WDW and the ingredients are fresh and “healthy”. That said, I can get a reservation for day of without any problem so maybe it’s best if everyone keeps overlooking it.

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