Walt Disney World for Adults

It’s well known that Walt Disney World is fantastic for family vacations with children, but I find many adults don’t know just how much fun you can have at Walt Disney World sans children. Not only are there copious adult activities, there are many incredibly romantic ones. Walt Disney World is actually one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. So, if you don’t have kids, or are going on a kids free vacation, here are some decidedly adult things to do.

Signature Dining
Walt Disney World has come a LONG way when it comes to dining and now offers some incredibly unique and delicious restaurants. From Jiko to Victoria and Alberts there are some fantastic gastronomic experiences to be had. Below are three of my favorites but there are far more than these for you to chose from.

Jiko – An African inspired signature dining location at Animal Kingdom Lodge, offering an extensive wine list specializing in South African wines.

Victoria and Albert’s – This is one of only 21 restaurants in the US to be awarded a AAA 5 star rating 13 years in a row. The food is as fantastic as you’d expect from a restaurant with that record. From caviar to foie gras to one of the most famous chef’s tables in the world, this is a not to be missed experience for the true gourmet. As they don’t allow any children under 10 and the price per head can reach into three figures, this is most decidedly a grown up dining experience.

Monsieur Paul – This fine dining restaurant in Epcot’s France Pavilion is a fitting tribute to the culinary legend, Paul Bocuse. From the first taste of truffle soup to the last bite of L’Ile Flottante you will enjoy traditional and expertly prepared french cuisine. Not a chicken nugget or pizza in sight.

Bars and Lounge
Walt Disney World has some fantastic lounges and bars where you can sit back, relax and have a drink or few with your party. From the Polynesian kitsch and fruity drinks of Trader Sam’s to the astounding selection of Tequila at La Cava De Tequila in Epcot. If you enjoy a good drink, you will have a wealth of options to  chose from.

Theme Parks
Yes, the parks are awesome places for all ages, but those ages include the adult ages! Between fantastic adult centric restaurants and bars to thrill rides and stage shows there is plenty for adults to see and enjoy. On top of this, Walt Disney World has extra magic hours in the evenings on many nights, sometimes until 3am. These park hours are blissfully empty as most people with young children are asleep leaving you to enjoy Space mountain a dozen times in a row.

Disney Springs
While Pleasure Island is no longer with us (RIP) the Disney Springs area, with over 150 outlets, is now open and ready for your enjoyment. From bowling to fine dining to coffee shops to boutique shopping, this is a great way to spend an evening of two. My favorite adult only night here is Dinner at Morimoto’s Asia followed by bowling at Splitsville, shopping at PoP Gallery and a a chocolate sundae at Ghirardelli.

There are a myriad of tours offered at Walt Disney World for behind the scenes peeks at your favorite parks. Most of these have age limits starting at 10 years old and extending into the teens. Everything from a nature walk suspended on a rope bridge over the Animal Kingdom Savannah to an escorted tour of the Magic Kingdom’s underworld seen only by Disney Cast Members is available to experience.

While not all adults at Walt Disney World are on a romantic trip, those who are have a wealth of activities to pick from. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Laying in a hammock on the beach of the Polynesian watching the Magic Kingdom Fireworks. You can also sit with your toes in the sand watching the same fireworks from the Grand Floridian Beach.

Private fireworks tour in your very own yacht for either Wishes or Illuminations

Couple’s Spa Treatments. Disney world has come awesome Spas offering indulgent services, including romantic couples massages.

Dinner at Capa in the Four Seasons Orlando. This is a seriously amazing Spanish influenced restaurant. It has a beautiful terrace affording views of both Illuminations and Wishes. You can  start your evening or follow up your dinner with a cocktail or few at the Capa lounge right next to the restaurant.


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