Your Adventures by Disney Questions Answered.



When people find out there is such a thing as Adventures By Disney I get variants of two questions

  1. Will Mickey Mouse come with us?
  2. Why is this so expensive?

The first answer is easy, no, no he will not, unless you do the vacations which include a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. So, when you’re in Africa on Safari, Donald Duck will not be dressed in safari gear leading your tour. It would be cool, but that’s not what these trips are about

The second is also fairly easy to answer but a bit more involved. They are no more expensive than what these vacations would cost you priced out on your own. You are staying in amazing accommodations and experiencing awesome tours. Other luxury tour operators charge about the same if not more than Disney does for similar itineraries. So while it is expensive, that’s the going rate for these kinds of vacations.

The question which follows shortly after the answer to question two is, “Is it worth it?” Ah, now that is a question worth asking. As with everything in life, there is never a simple yes or no answer. It will all depend on your travel style and needs. Here are the things which make Adventures by Disney awesome. If these fit with your needs, then you will have a fantastic experience.


Amazing Adventure Guides
I can not stress enough how fantastic Adventures by Disney’s Adventure Guides are. They go well out of their way to ensure that every last detail is thought of, from bottled water for the bus ride, to explaining local customs, to finding a Panda sanctuary for a little girl who was going blind and wanted to see Pandas before it was too late. They do a fantastic job of making sure you are well looked after and properly immersed in the cultures you are visiting.

Phenomenal Accommodations
While on an Adventures by Disney holiday you will be staying at some of the best hotels in the area you’re staying at. From the Trianon Paris in Paris to the  Spa Suites at Kapama River Lodge in South Africa, these are some of the worlds finest hotels.

Meticulous Attention to Detail
Disney’s reputation for almost preposterous attention to detail is truly well deserved. This becomes immediately evident the moment you travel on an Adventures by Disney trip.  I mean, everything from having bottled water and snacks for train trips and bus rides, to an umbrella for the rain, to planning the itinerary so that each activity flows into the next seamlessly. It takes serious organization and attention to detail to pull off the itineraries they do, for example, starting the day off with a guided tour and hike of a nature preserve, then back on board the yacht for lunch as you are taken to the next guided tour and snorkel, and then having dinner waiting for you on the yacht when you return. I get dizzy thinking of those logistics and it’s the sort of thing which Disney does perfectly.

Child Friendly Travel
This is Disney after all and while there are definitely Adult Only trips, one of the things I like the most about going with Adventures by Disney is that your child is almost guaranteed a group of kids to play with and you aren’t gonna be the odd one out with a child in tow. So often international tours are not only not geared toward children, but are outright anti-child. Disney does have recommended ages for their trips but these are more for safety reasons than anything else. Disney also has a great tradition of having separate child and adult activities certain nights. So, while the kids are roasting marshmallows and making smores, the adults are doing wine tasting. Overall, it’s as simple as, the vacation was planned with children in mind, so they don’t just have to adjust to doing grown up activities all day as they would on some other tours.

Hassle Free Travel
Booking an Adventures by Disney vacation means you need to do very little to ensure a fantastic trip. Essentially, you book the Adventure and you book transportations (flights) to coincide with the tours beginning and ending locations and dates. Disney plans out everything else. That includes all the transportation to and from the different locations. This can mean booking flights for the Chinese Itineraries as well as booking high speed rail in Spain.Not to mention room and dining reservations. Heck, they even have packing lists for you to use. You do have some nights and days free on certain trips but your Adventure guides are a wealth of local knowledge/information and asking them where to go on your own for dinner is likely to yield a better restaurant than you would ever find yourself researching.

Did I not answer a question you had? Drop me a note in the comments or reach out to me and let me know and I’ll be happy to answer it for you!

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